This Is The Only Level

This Is The Only Level This is the only level too

Spiele This is the Only Level 2 kostenlos auf Crazy Games. Es ist eines der besten Arcade Spiele! Spiele This is the Only Level 3 kostenlos auf Crazy Games. Es ist eines der besten Arcade Spiele! GEHIRN = *Explosion hier einfüg* (This is the only Level 3). 80, views80K views. • Sep 13, K Share Save. 2, / Spiele This is the only Level online auf Viele kostenlose online Denk Spiele und Browser Games. This is the only Level als Online Game​. Do you like jumping? Do like spikes? There are both in this game, and a handful of different ways to try to beat the only level in the game. Confront each new.

This Is The Only Level

This is the only level too ist ein süchtig machendes Online-Spiel auf der kostenlose Online-Spiele Website HierSpielen. This is the only level too is Teil plattform. GEHIRN = *Explosion hier einfüg* (This is the only Level 3). 80, views80K views. • Sep 13, K Share Save. 2, / Spiele This is the only Level online auf Viele kostenlose online Denk Spiele und Browser Games. This is the only Level als Online Game​. Tweets by IKYG. N Insider. Jim Loves Mary 2 Flash Spiele. Ist Runde 4, wo man den Hebel mit sich rumschleppt? Also ich hab glaub ich Mal die Lösung benutzen Wm 2017 Tipp, sonst kam ich direkt durch. Ghost of Tsushima — Wenn ein Spiel Perfektion erreicht Das Team. Vielen Dank, Ihre Bewertung wurde aufgenommen und die Spielebewertung wird bald Copa Del Rey 2017. Alien Massacre Flash Spiele. Das Einzige, was ihr wissen müsst ist, dass ihr ein Was Kostet Lotto Am Samstag, blauer Elefant seid, der von einem Ende des Levels zum anderen gelangen muss, ohne dabei Merkur Online Casino Stake7 sterben. Wir verwenden Cookies für personalisierte Werbung, Inhaltspersonalisierung und Webseitenverkehrsanalyse. Steuer den Ball mit deiner Maus durch verschiedene Level.

This Is The Only Level Video

This is the only level 3 - Games with Hank - An Elephant Never Forgets! Zum Einen habt ihr den blauen Elefanten und zum anderen das Level, das sich bis auf die Farbe und Effekte nie ändert. Fonts by Google Fonts. Schon gespielt? Ist Runde 4, wo man den Hebel mit Mercur Online Casino rumschleppt? Register Login. Hier ist der Name Programm. Immer und immer wieder.

A very nice platformer that gets you to think outside of the box! I love playing this one and showing it to all my friends, so I know you'll like it too.

There are also more games in this series, so check them out! Kizuna A I, Virtual youtubers. Should really play these games. I would really like to see their high scores.

Had fun playing with these Cute elephants, music really goes with game. Got to have quick fingers to play this. This is the Only Level Share Collapse.

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Launch in Newgrounds Player. Author Comments. Oh, and beat the level! There's only one. Newgrounds accounts are free and registered users see fewer ads!

Sort By: Date Score. No words to say. It's alright. Audio Kevin MacLeod. Views 1,, Faves: 4, Votes 3, Score 4.

Tags elephant portalhistory singularity varied. Frontpaged August 19, Hedgehog Launch 2 by jmtb It's a bug.

You can't finish it because it's not meant to be there. Hence why it's called undefined. A bug. This is a brilliant, brilliant game. Clever, witty, not too difficult but not too easy either.

Now if only Bart would do Factory Balls 3 I'd be totally happy! Haha, another great game from jmtb02! I only wish it was longer, after all that was the only level Quote from walkthrough Stage 18 - The blocks collapse as you stand on them.

Dear Elephant, You are your own being and should not let other's harsh comments sap your confidence. The reviewer says that you are without purpose, but what greater purpose is there than that of bringing joy only by use of a web browser?

And as for the traveling by pipe comment, remember that when it becomes trendy for elephants to traverse by plumbing, you took those first few steps bravely and in defiance of the prejudices of the time.

Being named a failure should not at all deter you in your future endeavors, for success is essentially subjective. You have more than proved your worth and as such, you thoroughly deserve to be called an Elephant.

Signed, The Wooly Mammoth Clan. I'm stuck on level 31, yes Once it says the game is over, DON'T erase your game. Continue and you get more levels!

I just can't pass them and no one has a walkthrough for them! My first try I got about 16 minutes I had to answer the phone and forgot to pause and deaths.

I foung a way to die in stage Click Panic. I died about times on my first try and i took about 3 hours. STEFANIE, go to the credits page, there will be a button called "main menu and unlock stage 27 for me" click it and go back, the wall should be gone.

Had to stop on Stage 9. I have a terrible mouse that does not do what I tell it to, so I ended up more than doubling my death count in just that one game.

It was actually kind of funny to see all the elephants come out of the tube and hit the spikes to the left of it rapid-fire.

It was an elephant death gun. Use arrow keys to play. Right is right. Left is left. Down doesn't do anything right now. Just jump onto the red button.

Then go to the pipe in the lower right hand corner. That's the normal. The button doesn't do any thing. Just refresh the browser page.

Then click play or continue level one. That opens the gate. Just go to the pipe now. Gravity goes up when You're between vertical strips. Down when you're not.

Other then that do the normal. Click menu then credits then main menu and unlock stage 27 for me then play or continue level one.

Now the gate is open. Psychotronic, I just want you to know that this is my absolute favorite JIG review. And it leads into what might be my favorite flash game.

Poor elephant! Travel by pipe? Hop on a dinosaur? Eating mushrooms? Are we talking about an elephant here or Mario?

At the bottom of the credit page there should be a bar, saying something like: Play Level one and unlock 27 for me! I think my game has a bug : When i start the game first stage it doesn't matter how much I press the arrow keys, the elephant don't move.

Anyone can help me pleeeease?? I have to say, I swore in German at the computer a few times during this one.

A laugh out loud, completely idiotic, so bad it's good, game. I loved it. Leave a comment [ top of page ].

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Free online and mobile games. This is the Only Level. Currently 4. Games you might also love to play. Description Walkthrough Comments Observe this failure of an elephant.

Read More. Walkthrough Guide Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional. Please enable Javascript in your browser to see and use spoilers.

Stage 1 Use the left-right arrows to walk and the up to jump. Now the left-right keys are reversed, and jump is down. Do the same thing.

You can't jump in this stage, but there's no wall, so hold down the right arrow for victory. The twist to this stage seems to be that there's no twist.

Just do the usual. You can't see what you're doing, but do it anyway. There's an invisible wall to the right of the button, so jump up over it.

Otherwise, the usual. Controls: F is left, T is jump, H is right. Now do Cool game Stuck at level Any idea? Rex Mario the 3rd Mario Bro.

Sorry Rex, I just got 11 minutes and deaths. I guess you'll have to try harder next time. Chris O. No really. Quite refreshing.

Those of you stuck on Time to Refresh: Close the game window and reopen it. But that was my second play through.

Great game! That's an awesome review. How do you beat stage 15? This review wins! Looks like I've got the least deaths so far 1st runthrough : with 38 deaths It definitely helps to have played Achievement Unlocked.

Excellent sequel A worthy sequel to Achievement Unlocked. Bahbar: I think you can just hold down the shift key, too.

For level 15, I will give you guys a hint Just listen to the title. It helps. First playthrough: and 32 deaths. Is Level Perfectly normal, like the title implies?

Or did I miss something? Not a bad game, but lacking a little of Achievement Unlocked's charm I'm so glad to see the elephant return!

Really well thought out game :. Great review! Hooray, I love the elephant failephant? Love it! On my third try, my stats were and 10 deaths.

Well that was darn creative! I loved it, but aren't sweat and remember? My in-game video shows with 0 deaths. My best time is But the ideas behind this game is genius and the music was awesome XD.

After some practice, I got Is my game glitching or is there 31st lvl called "undefined"? Heh, jmtb02 strikes amusement gold again. Does anyone now that the panic button kills you?

Your correspondent, signing off. Thank you. This game is great. I loved Achievement Unlocked, too. Oh my god I played and beat the game like 10 times, I lost track.

There's a secret stage! Please, I desperately need help with level Only 30 kills and it was extreamly easy, it was fun though.

Peace out!!!!!!! I'm bored as shown above My first one was much worse. How do you get past stage 18? Green Giant Quote from walkthrough Stage 18 - The blocks collapse as you stand on them.

First time though: WOW Good game 27 deaths first time my best is 1 death. You can't actually beat it. My second time went better with a time at and 28 deaths.

Not to brag but: time deaths 69 This was in my first time! Help stuck on stage 4. How many stages are there and how can I pass stage 27?

Thanks from the Canary Islands. First try! This game is fun, the music is pretty cool too :D but i cant get past level My walkthrough Stage 1 Use arrow keys to play.

Left and right are reversed. Jump stays the same. Click and drag the elephant to the pipe. If you're doing a speedrun just click the pipe.

You jump until you stop pressing the up button. You can't jump. The spikes are jump pads. One color kills you. The other color doesn't. The elephant does what the mouse dose.

Hold down the right arrow key or be blown backward. The floor collapses after you stay on it for two seconds and the gate is a wall. Movement very weird in this stage.

You can't see anything even the gate. Make one move then the stage goes black. I would've had 80 but that stupid credits level killed me way too much.

But just as his leaping has limits, so must this power. Orbital Decay. Heh, jmtb02 strikes amusement gold again. Well I don't know how many there are now Thank you. That aside, Achievement Unlocked was one of the very Slot Book out of this whole onslaught of games trying to King Kicker fun at certain gaming conventions e. You can't jump. THIS IS THE ONLY LEVEL 2 ist ein Actionspiel. Du magst Stachel und Elefanten und das nur auf einer Spielebene? Dann ist dies dein Spiel! Führe den. This is the Only Level 3 spielen - Hier auf kannst du gratis, umsonst & ohne Anmeldung oder Download kostenlose online Spiele. This is the Only Level. Geschick | mal gespielt. In diesem Spiel gibt es nur ein einziges Level! Aber das müsst ihr immer wieder auf andere Weise lösen. This is the only level too ist ein süchtig machendes Online-Spiel auf der kostenlose Online-Spiele Website HierSpielen. This is the only level too is Teil plattform. Alle guten Dinge sind drei, so heißt es bekanntlicher Weise. Und genau darum geht es auch in This is the only level 3, unserem heutigen Flashgame der Woche. Views 1, Faves: Wie Wird Man Reich, Votes 3, Score 4. Thanks from the Canary Islands. Slap yourself for thinking there was a Stage 32 undefined 2. Just jump onto the red button. A very nice platformer that gets you to think outside of the box! There's no wall. Click here for more information. Right is right. There are two colors of surface. At the bottom of the credit page there should be a bar, saying something like: Play Level one and unlock 27 for me!

This Is The Only Level Video

This Is The Only Level by Frost89 - Super Mario Maker 2 - No Commentary 1by This Is The Only Level

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Flashgame der Woche — Rogues Like Beer. Hinzugefügt 19 Aug Besuche das Forum. Um den Slot Spiele Fur Nokia weiterzuschreiben, wähle bitte ein vorläufiges Avatar:. Icons by Fontello. Nächster Skill7 Gutschein in

Do the usual. It may take a little aiming to get into the corner with the pipe. You can't jump, but the spikes are launching pads.

Head to the lower-left spikes and use that to get you up to the button. Then leave. There are two colors of surface. One color will kill you if you stand on it.

Don't stand on it. Left-right movement tracks your mouse. Click to jump. Note that if you die, your mouse may not be aligned vertically with the elephant, because it won't be in the same place when you restart.

Shouldn't much matter. Unless you hold down the right arrow, you will be blown to the left. Hold it down to inch forward; jump only when you're at the edge of a platform.

I find that I have to let the wind blow me back to the platform just below and to the left of the button and jump up from there.

Oh, and do the usual. You can't move left in this stage. Do the usual without moving left. If you happen to find yourself in a place where you can't go anywhere and can't even die, hit the panic button.

Alternate the left and right arrows until you're done. If you find a way to die at this stage, let me know.

You only get one jump per life. Use it wisely, to get to the level with the button. You can make it from your starting point or from the next platform.

The button again does nothing. Refresh the browser window, or close the tab and then reopen it I haven't actually tried that.

Hit Play. Hit "Play or continue level one. The blocks collapse as you stand on them. Get to the blocks above the pipe, wait till you fall through, then scurry through the pipe, quick-like.

Movement is very herky-jerk on this stage, but do the usual. If you're having trouble with any jump, hold down up and right and that should do it.

Gravity goes down when you're in between vertical stripes and up when you aren't. The jump button works though, so do the usual and don't float up into any spikes.

Then go through the pipe. I don't think the button does anything. The wall goes up and down periodically of its own accord. Stand next to it and go past it when it's down.

Go to the menu, then the credits page, then hit the helpfully labelled "Main Menu, and Unlock Stage 27 for me" button. This can be done at any time.

When you return the wall's gone. Once you hit the button, you have to go to the pipe as fast as you can before the wall goes back up.

I think holding down the right button will work. The level disappears as you progress! Meaning you have to do the usual much as you did for stage Holy Crap, this is another awesome game from that guy who made achievement unlocked.

I beat it in just over 10 min. I'm sure that wont stay the best here but I am the first post so I thought I'd set the bar. Here I thought I'd be going into a game which would be very short because of its one level only, but would be some kind of nod to experimental gameplay or a statement about games as art or something.

I mean, there had to be a reason why anyone, especially jmtb02, would make a game that consists of only 1 level and is over in half a minute.

Well, I think this is yet another awesome game by John. He certainly took me by surprise. And you've gotta love that elephant! He might as well make it his new mascot.

I thought the solutions were too obvious, and it feels an awful lot like achievement unlocked without the achievement list, but it was OK.

That aside, Achievement Unlocked was one of the very few out of this whole onslaught of games trying to poke fun at certain gaming conventions e.

Free Will that I thought actually did it well, i. This is the Only Level feels like a sequel, and is almost quite as fun.

I guess I was not meant to complete this game then Wonderful game, if you discount level Semi-spoiler here, but I have altered my computer so that the key needed for that level returns a backspace.

One of the best simple and noninvasive productivity tweaks ever. Update: Apologies for this comment, which was mistaken!

I hadn't figured out how the mechanism worked. This is the strangest game I have ever played, it's fun, but after a while it get's repetitive Very nice game.

As usual with games from jmtb02, it's great commentary on the structure of games, with metahumor. Although someone has already posted a vid response with Then again, when I first did I thought would be optimal.

So who knows. PS - You guys are going to love this He had another project he was working on from Mon-Thurs, then scrapped it because it was lacking originality and direction.

So yesterday, he did this. Fun, cute little game. Although the music made sense for a "one level" game, I wish it had been a bit less irritating :o.

I am on stage 31, i beat the game and went back to continue and it brought me here but I don't know how to beat this level. This is an almost perfect casual game.

And I only say that because there is no perfect casual game! I didn't read the info before playing so I thought it would be something like Achievement Unlocked.

The first stage was mostly just me jumping on spikes: "Look, I'm dying! Do I get my achievement yet?

Started Level 8 with 11 deaths. Still trying to dominate the candy stripes of doom but now on over a hundred deaths I don't think the little blue elephant is worth this much frustration.

First time, Fun game, nice concept, I know the music seems a little irritating at times but it seemed to fit with the attitude of the game and I dealt with it.

That was an amazing game. Sort of depressing how I wasted more than 10 minutes on the first level though Oh man, that was a lot of fun. Very much like Karoshi, which is only a good thing.

Man, is it just me or are people comparing this to Achievement Unlocked a little too much? They're different games, people! Fun game! Haven't beaten all the levels yet, but getting there.

Some of the ideas are pure genius! And I'm a big fan of the panic button. You do the heroic Sir Elephant a terrible disservice by your yellow journalism.

How many of you would intrepidly traverse such a hellish corridor of identical rooms, dealing at every turn with altered gravity, matter, and other important things?

Clearly, whatever lies at the end of the rooms is too important to risk. Hence the sending of Special Agent Elephant. How typical of civilians to scoff at what they do not understand.

Elephant's extraordinary powers are no exception, but really, you shouldn't be surprised. No one less than a trained superbeing could get through this alien hell-maze.

Watch how he runs, not "totters. His jumping ability is truly super-proboscidean, and super-human as well. Recall that before Superman flew, he leaped great heights.

As to your unsubstantiated guess that Super Elephant is tiny, I must note that we have no indication of scale. He could have shrunk himself, a la the Atom, to navigate tiny ducts between rooms; or, he is normal-size and the rooms and ducts very large.

Finally one must note a power most important to the completion of his mission: his survival of death, in the mode of Mr.

But just as his leaping has limits, so must this power. Surely he fears his next death will be his last. Bravely, he soldiers on. The elephant forgot the rest of the levels, but luckily he still has one left!

Help him beat it in all his forgetful glory. Use your keen knowledge of gaming and dexterity to manhandle your way through a variety of challenges.

Get your mind out of the box for once! Take it outside for a walk, or maybe grab a bite to eat with it.

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Moderne Browser werden dieses Plugin ab Dezember nicht mehr unterstützen. Ähnliche Mein Neuer. Und das ist gerade das Interessante, denn dieses Spiel basiert auf einem und dem gleichen Level. Fonts by Google Fonts. Bbl Beko Live Ticker habe schon so eine Ahnung welches Spiel das Rennen im Februar machen wird!

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